Still Alive

This is a quick post to reassure you that this blog is still alive 😜 And announcing the subjects that I plan to write about in the upcoming articles.

I’ve been quite swamped lately, not having much free time to do OpenSource work on my various OSS projects and others’, let alone writing in this blog.

Having to do the transition of all my pods and tools (OHHTTPStubs, Reusable, SwiftGen, …) to Swift 2.3 then Swift 3.0 was very time-consuming and didn’t help having much time for anything else. All the time I had to work on my side projects was dedicated to Swift 3 conversion, triaging issues and reviewing Pull Requests.

On this note, I’d like to thank Ben Chatelain and Ceyhun Ozugur for helping a lot porting Reusable to Swift 3, and a huge thanks to David Jennes and Adam Tierney for helping a lot with SwiftGen lately.

But fret not, I haven’t forgotten about the part two of my “Closures Capture Semantics” article and already have plenty of subjects waiting in my drafts about Phantom Types, Type Safety, Networking Architectures, ViewController LifeCycle Behaviors, Functional ViewControllers, Coordinators and much more!

PS: For those of you who like video games and music, I strongly encourage you to go see the VideoGames Live show. It’s a concert of game music played by an orchestra, really stunning. You can see the videos I’ve filmed from it here on my Twitter.