My name is Olivier Halligon.

I have been working on Apple platform, especially iOS, for more than 10 years now.

I’m currently a freelance and specialize on iOS Platform, Tooling and Automation.

My skills include:

  • iOS Platform and Mobile DevOps – CI/CD, release automation, scripting & developer tools to improve your team’s productivity
  • Developer Experience – Code Generation, Code Review automation (Danger), bots, linter, …
  • Xcode Project infrastructure and build optimization
  • Software Architecture (MVVM, Reactive Programming, …), Audits, Project Review and improving legacy codebases
  • Teaching and helping teams grow (international public speaker, private teaching sessions)
  • In-depth experience in iOS Development, both in Objective-C and Swift

I’m also doing my share of OpenSource work, which include the following:

This Blog

Crunchy Development is a Blog about Apple’s Swift programming language.

It tries to focus on tips & tricks and beautiful patterns to leverage the features of Swift to make your code look awesome and more scalable.

I’m especially trying to focus on advanced patterns and features in the Swift language that can make your code more powerful and safe.