SwiftGen 4.2 and other news

SwiftGen β€” my tool to generate Swift code so you can use your images, localized strings, fonts, storyboards and other assets in a type-safe way β€” has just been released in version 4.2 after a big internal refactoring. I’ve also been working on other OSS projects lately.

This article intends to give you some news on all those various OSS projects as well as what has been going on lately and what’s next to come.

Still Alive

This is a quick post to reassure you that this blog is still alive 😜 And announcing the subjects that I plan to write about in the upcoming articles.

Talking at conferences

This month, I’m gonna talk at (NSSpain and FrenchKit) about Swift πŸŽ‰ I’m looking forward to speak for the first time at such great conferences, and I really hope to see you there!

SwiftGen 3

This is a quick announce about the new release of my OpenSource code generation tool SwiftGen 3.0.0.

Closures Capture Semantics, Part 1: Catch them all!

Even with ARC nowadays, it’s still important to understand memory management and objects life-cycles. A special case is when using closures, which are more and more present in Swift and have different capture semantics than ObjC’s block capture rules. Let’s see how they work.